The Empowerment Theological Institute & Bible Seminary will help you to achieve Undergraduate, Graduate and Post-Graduate education by offering degrees concentrating in Theology, Divinity, Christian Education, Counseling, Biblical Studies, and Ministry Studies. Our degrees are fully accredited through C.D.C. The consortium of Biblical Institutions.

Courses are administered through distance education and on-site instruction. Our approach to academic achievement allows us to produce quality Theologians, Bible Teachers, and future Pastors, etc. who are well equipped to teach future generations. Students are able to earn their credentials and produce quality research with the confidence that they will be able to dialogue intelligently about the Holy Writ, anywhere, anytime, any day. We produce high-quality bible scholars through distance and on-site education. We don’t just offer degrees, but a learning experience in a spirit of excellence!



The Empowerment Theological Institute & Bible Seminary offers the Under Graduate, Graduate and Post-Graduate Studies. The detailed outline of the curriculum for your course of study will be issued after you have been accepted to the College. If there is a program that interest you please request your application and complete it in a timely manner and send it in with your $100.00 non-refundable application fee made payable to:

The Empowerment Theological Institute & Bible Seminary
P.O. Box 411 ~ Dolton, Illinois 60419

The Empowerment Theological Institute & Bible Seminary is an accelerated school, therefore what would normally take four (4) academic years will only take two (2) academic years (18 months) to complete. Each academic year is 9 months (September-May).



"They offered online learning at non-traditional hours that worked well with my busy lifestyle".---R. Spivey

“It opened doors I would never imagine walking through. I was the first in my family to obtain an advanced degree, breaking generational curses, and establishing an educational legacy" R. Spivey

"ETIBS has maintained sound doctrine that reflects my beliefs". B. Rucker Ph.D., Th.D., D.D.

"I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity to expand my biblical knowledge and obtain my Doctorate degree" G. Henderson

"It was a life-changing experience that prepared me for work in ministry". A. Rucker Th.D, Ph.D.

"ETIBS provides students the opportunity to gain the biblical educational knowledge to enhance the phenomenal work that they do in ministry to serve others" LDC

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